And Still I Rise Sisterhood

The weather forecast was TORRENTAL RAIN.
The venue was up a steep and slippery hill.
But the call of the Goddess was strong.
And the women came together – battling the elements.
Gathering in sacred circle.
To celebrate themselves, to celebrate their bodies, to strip away the layers of life that was
holding them back, to release, to scream.
To celebrate their strength.
To celebrate their survival.
To witness and hold space for each other.
To laugh and cry together. To dance and hug.
To be vulnerable. To be seen. To be heard.
We stripped to our red underwear together and began the process of RELEASE.
And then we stripped even further. Naked, vulnerable, surrendering to the elements,
cleansed by the driving rain.
And we honoured each other.
Tenderly painting our own and each others bodies, opening up to love, gentle acceptance
and safety.
And then came the ecstasy. The screaming, the joy.
The euphoria.
Bravery. Rawness. Fragility. Power. Strength.
The power of sisterhood.
The power of healing.
The magic that happens when women gather.
These photos, taken by the amazing Kim Summers, will show you just a glimpse of what we
went through on that hill.
In the torrential rain.
I hope the magic touches you and you feel the ripples of empowerment touch your soul.
And Still We Rise.

Photographs by Kimberley Summers Photography

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