Goddess Tour

An empowering day to awaken your Divine Feminine soul

Empowering Goddess Tour

One day soon, Kat will be taking her paintbrushes on tour, and travelling around the UK to empower as many women as possible through self-love and appreciation of their sacred bodies. And then she’ll travel the world!
She will not be painting on canvasses this time, but instead, the paintings will be on the glorious flesh of the Goddesses who choose to attend! 
The day will contain guided meditations, meeting your beautiful ancestors on a journey and having them paint your body with ancient symbols, reliving the journey by physically having your gorgeous naked body painted, connecting to your inner Goddess, sacred wisdom and Divine Feminine, as well as nurturing your radiant body and curves in enlightening ceremonies, creating sacred earth space as a group, being photographed in nature as an empowering act of sisterhood and much more!
Venues and dates still to be confirmed – watch this space!

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