I am SHE

I am SHE

Exhibition about self-love and empowerment.
Being real… and being enough

How many of you hide away? Cover up? Dim your shine?
Forget to love yourself?
How many of you lack self-belief and confidence?
Shrink behind the views of others?

How many of you have lost yourself?
Forgotten your purpose?
Live your life confined within perceptions that society puts on you?

How many of you do yourselves injustice every day by belittling yourself? Hating your body? Not honouring your radiance?
How many of you conform, shrink, hide?

How many of you actually remember how truly magnificent you are?
We live in a world where airbrushing is considered normal in order to achieve beauty. 

Wake up!

The time has come for you to break free.

Love your body – have gratitude for your abundant flesh.  Kiss your voluptuous rolls and sprinkle adoration onto your wonderous breasts.  Rejoice as your thighs dance to the story of your life.  Reconnect with abundant self-love.

The time is now.

Women –Stand together.  Honour each other – we are not alone.  We are one.
One divine feminine.  One Goddess.  I, we, She.

No filters, no shame – Just perfection, liberation, beauty and freedom.
Stand in the glory and wonder of the real ladies you see in front of you – all Goddesses.
Know there is no difference, no separation.

See yourself reflected back in the mirror of the blank faces of the Goddess – We are all one. We are all Goddesses!

We are She.



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July / August 2019

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