The wheel of Elen

Elen the Consort Beltane

Hail and welcome Elen the Consort, the sovereignty Goddess of the Old, crowned with virgin deer antlers and forget-me-nots.  Sitting on a throne of Welsh gold, she is wild, yet powerful -Queen of the crossroads and of passion and love.

Elen the Green Lady Litha

Hail and Welcome Elen the Green Lady – guardian of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, underground waterways, fords, springs and wells.  Born from a shimmering pool at the end of a trackway with antlers of driftwood, she carries life-affirming water from beneath the surface of the earth, cooling us in the summer months.  Elen the Green Lady will flow with you and assist with emotional balance.

Elen The Fruitbearer Lammas

Hail and Welcome Elen the Fruitbearer, the apothecary and midwife.  Mother and queen of the hedgerows and fairy mounds, she uses blackberries and elderflowers to make her tinctures and potions whilst causing hedgerows along the trackways to flower abundantly.  She will bring abundance.

Clanmother Elen Mabon

Hail and Welcome Clanmother Elen, the great, bulging, Ancient Inuit Herdmother who nurtures the entire herd as well as the earth they live on.  The Clanmother sits atop a hill guarding her land and protecting the wilderness of the trackways.

Elen the Grey Samhain

Hail and Welcome Elen the Grey – Sherpa to the dead and guardian of the funeral trackways.  She gently takes with compassion the deceased and returns them to their reindeer spirit family.  Elen the Grey will teach you not only about endings, but also new beginnings.

Elen of the Hosts Yule

Hail and Welcome Elen of the Hosts – the great worldbearer and Sun Goddess with her chipped antlers showing her ancient spirit.  She is the North wind and guardian of the upper pastures, housing the North Star within her third eye for internal sight.  She is the still as well as the whipping wind.

Elen the Fair Imbolc

Hail and Welcome Elen the Fair – the vigil keeper – carrying her lantern to light the way for emergence into awareness.  The Waymaker, she is the herder of herders who watches over reindeer keepers and the emergence of deer in the early winter mornings, protecting them from predators.  She is pre-spring and the face of virginal youth when the buds are starting to push through the trackways.  She will symbolise new beginnings.

Elen the Fawn Eostara

Hail and Welcome Elen the fawn – virgin of the graze who helps the fields return to lush green pastures.  With her wild-flower-dappled antlers, she leaps and bounds amidst the daffodils in the meadow.  Full of life and rosy cheeked, Elen the fawn will add fire to your dreams.

Elen of the Ways

Hail and Welcome Elen of the Ways.  The Ancient beloved Queen of the trackways.  Wild deer woman and enchantress, Elen of the Ways is he weaver of new opportunities and will show you the way, helping you to make the right decisions.

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