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And Still I Rise

Women unite, stand together and RISE – check out the uplifting video inspired by Maya Angelou

Check out the women from all over the world who took part in this project

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Changing History to HERstory

Golden Warriors

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Herstory launch with Trista Hendren of Girl God Books

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December 14th

Rainbow Goddess

Self Love despite the Patriarchy

Festival of the Girl

Paint Yoursel f As Goddess Workshop

“Paint Yourself As Goddess” Workshop

11 Glorious Women

To all of you women who do not feel good enough

To all of you women who do not feel good enough.
Not seen. Not heard.
Not slim enough. Not curvy enough. Not pretty enough. Not funny enough. Not wealthy enough. Not sexual enough. Not quiet enough. Not loud enough.
Not enough.
Here is your reminder – you are enough.
Just as you are.
You are glorious.

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