Kali Oracle

Empowering Goddess card deck and accompanying booklet

The Path of Kali Oracle

This oracle is a chance for you to integrate the teachings of Kali into your life by feeling, knowing and walking alongside Her 18 archetypes, as channelled by Kat Shaw. With Kali, nothing is unachievable. But to know Kali is to understand and recognise every facet of Her personality, and in establishing a direct, individual and unique connection with Her, She will manifest the life you have always dreamed of. It is the path of returning home, the path of enlightenment, the path of empowerment, the path of death and rebirth, the path of Kali. Hear Her call. Now is the time. To make a stand. To be heard. We have never needed Her more than now. Are you ready?
These are not your average oracle cards, this is a whole toolbox of connection to Kali, and though She will guide you, oracling for your highest good, She also wants you to delve into Her magnificent archetypes, using the cards as you choose. Each set contains 18 archetype cards, 18 archetype affirmations, 18 archetype symbols and the corresponding 18 crystals as well as a booklet to briefly explain the oracle archetypes, all sent to you in a sumptuous velvet black bag, sealed with a loving Kali crystal pendant.

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