Do you realise how perfect you are?

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Kat Shaw

Kat prides herself on breaking through the stereotypical views of beauty that have been cast upon society by the media, having made her name painting the glorious reality that is a woman’s body.


Time to rise


Kat is committed to empowering and inspiring people of all ages to grow and reach their full potential.
Through her wellbeing business “Fabulously Imperfect”, her artwork, her Reiki and her dedication to Goddess energy, Kat sprinkles her magic around like glitter!

She is specifically dedicated to encouraging women, believing that it is time to rise
together – supporting each other and celebrating ourselves as the magnificent Goddesses that we really are.

Kat is a prolific artist who connects to Goddesses from all over the world.

She works tirelessly to breathe life into these Divine Goddesses, making each painting not only unique and vibrant,
but also infusing them to carry and share the particular energy and personality of each Goddess.



Owning a piece of art

Visit the shop here on the site to own one of her beautiful pieces of artwork!
Every image is available to purchase as a glitter embellished canvas print, card, A4 print, mug and cushion, blanket, towel or t-shirt.
The perfect addition to any household – there is definitely an image for everyone – which Goddess is calling to you?

Kat also creates original Artworks channelling different energies and archetypes; inbox her for more details and discover yours!


What others say...


“Your artwork is an outstanding homage to women. We need more of this kind of art that matches the world we need to see, and the way we need to see ourselves as women in the world. Deep bow to you Kat – incredible woman.”

“Your art has changed me.”
“Kat, you have helped me to heal.”
“Your art makes me proud to be a woman with all my lumps and bumps.”
“You have helped me to feel good about myself. Deep gratitude for this.”
“Your art makes me look at my own body with fascination and tenderness.”

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