Supporting Kat

How can you support Kat?

  • You can support Kat by following her on social media and liking, sharing and commenting on her posts - spreading the word is so important and the way that she will be able to  reach as many women as possible.  Unfortunately due to facebook and instagram algorithms, her work is often banned and deemed "sexually inappropriate" because she refuses to censor nipples and nakedness.  Kat is constantly up against the battle of visibility online, so sharing and commenting allows her to gain a larger reach.
  • Would you like to support Kat at the barn, so she can create a safe and sacred space for women to meet in sisterhood – something that is vital. If so, you can donate through KO-FI as a 1 off donation, or become a monthly subscriber.
  • Purchasing from Kat's etsy shop is such a huge support to her, and seriously - she does a happy dance every time an order comes in regardless of the size of the order!
  • Buy Kat a Hot Chocolate by choosing 'hot chocolate' below!


Another way you can support Kat is to SHARE her work and her posts. Kat spends her life under the shadow of restrictions and censorships, and her posts are often blocked. Shadow blocking is the name for the algorithm that doesn’t like particular posts, so it refuses to share them onto peoples walls and underhandedly cuts the reach down.

As you know, Kat has a lot to say and her views are important – empowering women is important. Yet she is shut down as the patriarchy knows that when women rise in power, they will be unstoppable. So to repress that means that it keeps women submissive.

BE THE REVOLUTION. Be the change share the posts and spread the words and support Kat so that she can keep on empowering more women!

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