Changing History to HERstory

This in-person exhibition became an online sensation due to covid restrictions. Due to its immediate popularity, it quickly became a book, published by Girl God Books.

We live in a world that is predominantly shaped and dictated by men, so for International Womens day 2021, Kat Shaw decided to take a look back over history, and change it to HERstory, honouring the magnificent women who have shaped the way the world is today that have often gone unnoticed.  It is time to raise the profiles of the glorious, strong, brave women who have made HERstory, and place them onto the pedestals they should have been on for many years!


These strong and influential women have changed the world in such a huge and impactful way – yet, the majority of them have gone unnoticed.  Now is the time to honour the women who have walked before us and change history to HERstory.  These women (and the many others I have not mentioned) may not have intentionally set out to become role models but have all achieved extraordinarily amazing things by following their hearts, talents, dreams, beliefs and passions.  They didn’t listen to the confining drone of a society who places women in the “cannot do that” box – they dared, and they took a stand, stepping into their power, following their truth and using their voices to be different and make a change to the world we live in today.  We are standing on their shoulders.  We are using the stones thrown at them as women to build our paths forwards.  They are the women who walked before us.  It’s time to honour them now.  It’s time to change history to HERstory.

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