Self love project

The Self love project

100 women, 1 week, 7 affirmations…

1 radical self-love movement.

Because every body is a work of art.

In our world today we are totally saturated by consumerist visual advertising and social media content containing air brushed images and photoshopped bodies These all depict the stereotypical perfect woman The perfect size The perfect shape The perfect pert breasts But the reality of life is that we are all different shapes and sizes Sadly the vast majority of bodies are not represented or celebrated as acceptable within society They are not recognised as beautiful This imbeds and ingrains deep rooted feelings of unworthiness within most women Coupled with shame And leading us to be forever chasing an unrealistic goal of being socially acceptable This project was created to smash this belief Not only to normalise normal bodies But to highlight how magnificent they are and to worship them

100 women took the challenge to embark upon a difficult enlightening powerful and beautiful journey of reclaiming their bodies and rekindling the flames of self love that have been stamped out by society

Day 1 I am Worthy
Day 2 I love my Body
Day 3 This body is Beautiful
Day 4 Self love is the best love
Day 5 I am enough
Day 6 I am a Goddess
Day 7 Free choice of self love quote

Unfortunately this project was RESTRICTED and BLOCKED on all of my social media platforms with me being accused of sexual solicitation

My hope is that one day the bodies of women will all be worshipped and seen as empowering rather than merely sexual objects

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