The healing journey of the hidden Goddess

A series of abstract paintings…
Because to become a Goddess, the healing journey is not always linear.
It is not always neat and pretty.
It often becomes crowded, messy, jumbled, confusing, difficult and too much.
This series is a visual representation of my journey with the Goddess every day – through my palette, my work surfaces and my clothes.
Working to paint Goddess into reality is not easy.
There are lessons, mistakes, growth, frustrations, self-doubt, tears, elation and a huge amount of mess.
But, Goddess always wins through – despite all of the confusion.
And, then there is the ecstasy of Her birth.
Before starting the whole cycle again.
So, this abstract series is a set of behind the scenes snapshots of the Healing Journey of the Hidden Goddess.
Each image is a constant reminder of the fact that life can be an imperfectly fabulous mixture of chaos and beauty.

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