The Future of the Barn


The barn is making herself a force of nature within the world and just getting better and better – welcoming more and more women over her threshold!

There are at least 2 ceremonies every month, plus other workshops and circles – here are a few past, present and future, but the best place to keep up to date with the barn meetings are on the dedicated fb page:

or through my Art fb page:

We have also just received the donation of a lovely gazebo which I intend to make into a calming and loving temple space to relax in – so watch this space! It would be wonderful to see you at the barn soon.

Autumn Equinox Circle

Autumn Equinox Sisterhood Circle Celebration

A Sisterhood circle celebration of the Autumn Equinox. Join me at our monthly sisterhood circle to celebrate the releasing energies of the Autumn Equinox. Ceremony, Sharing circle, Goddess connection, sisterhood, tears, laughter and release!

Connection to Goddess

Connection to Goddess Day

A day of connecting to Goddess in all of Her multi-faceted aspects. Join me for this deep and awakening workshop to connect to Goddess energy in many forms. A great introduction to Goddess or a chance to work more deeply with your Goddess consciousness, we will invite Goddess in Her many forms into our circle for ceremony and deep healing and empowering work. Who will step forward for you?

Warrior Goddess Circle

Warrior Goddess Sisterhood Circle

A warrior Goddess Sisterhood Circle Celebration. Join us for our monthly sisterhood gathering and sharing circle time, this month we will be focussing on channelling our inner warrior! Sharing, laughing, crying, ceremony and sisterhood guaranteed.

Paint Yourself As A Goddess

Paint yourself as Goddess workshop

Connect to your Goddess within through sacred journey and paint! This journey will be magnificent, and not as scary as it seems! I will draw your body onto a canvas which I will bring on the day, so that is the tricky bit over and done with! We will then spend time in deep journey within to connect to our Goddess self and then manifest and bring Her into reality through colour and paint! This will be a deeply emotional and profound day.

Samhain Ceremony

Samhain Ceremony

A Sisterhood Celebration of Samhain. Join us for this deep and powerful celebration of the cauldron season of Samhain. There will be ceremony, magic, witches, laughter, singing, drumming, connection to the Dark Goddesses of the season and much more Samhain goings-on!

Burning Times Circle

Burning times Sisterhood Circle

A meeting of Sisters to honour the women who have walked before us. The burning times live deeply in our souls. We need to heal our wounding. We need to heal the lineages of accused witches who have walked before us. Let us gather to say their names. They are not forgotten. The witch wound is a complex energetic imprint on the souls of every woman who walks this earth today, representing repression and danger for women who loved the moon, loved crystals, were healers, teachers or midwives. We are still being repressed. We must heal the burning times. Join me for a deep honouring ceremony.

Celebrating the Cycles of the Moon

Celebrating the cycles of the moon in one day

A glorious workshop to celebrate the moon in all of Her phases. Have you ever wanted to know more about the moon and all of her glorious cycles? What spells and ceremonies to do during what phases? How to best work with the ebbs and flows of the changing moons? On this day we will work with the moon Goddesses Luna and Selene as well as any other who want to join us to connect our energies to our Divine mother moon.

Yule Circle

Yule Celebration Sisterhood Circle

A Yule Celebration Circle of Sisterhood and festivities. Join us for our monthly sisterhood circle as we celebrate the season of Yule! Connecting to the Goddess Frau Berchta and the winter Goddesses we will have a sharing circle, laughter, tears, ceremony and so much more.

Winter Solstice Workshop

Winter Solstice Ceremony and Goddess Workshop

A Winter Solstice Celebration ceremony. Join me for a workshop connecting to the Winter Solstice Goddesses and celebrating through sacred ceremony, the winter solstice and the gifts we are given at this time of year - stillness, reflection, possibilities...

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