Wheel of Kali Circular Print


I am Kali.
Destroyer of the ego.
I am your mirror, your destruction, your self-realisation, your desperation, your devastation, your darkest nights and your death.
But I am also your rebirth, your hope, the dawn of the morning, your mother.
Destroyer, preserver and creator.
I am limitless. Clad in the colour of the universe. The womb of existence, the dance of time, the endless potential of creation. No finite dress can cover me as I dance amongst the stars. My nakedness is my sexuality. I am the nourisher of all beings with my abundant, voluptuous breasts. I am a woman in her own power – the embodiment of ferocious feminine energy.
With my dishevelled hair, flowing freely, I am a wild woman, breaking free from convention and all that holds me back. I am my own choices. I am fierce.
Fear the glistening when you see the blade of my enlightening sword because I do not fear to strike. I will sever the chords that link you to your ego and slay your most intrusive, toxic behaviours. With my strike I will release your soul forever from unnecessary delusions.
I wear my skull around my neck with pride, reminding me of battles, victims, obstacles and victories. The last dying breath of the ego.
My teeth, I bear as I snarl, looking fear directly in the face and howling – showing my tongue as a warning. I am always ready to fight for my highest good.
I am your Mother. The mother of all. My harsh discipline and severity, rage and fury, are for your own good. Because, my child, I see your potential. I see what you can be and I will fight for you. Always. I will nurture you with an unconditional loving embrace in your darkest hour, holding you close and rocking you until the light returns.
Look into my eyes my child… wild, awake, penetrating – blazing with the fires of intensity.
Look into my eyes because they are your eyes.
The eyes of a warrior.
Slip into my skin. Feel my soul because we are one. Merged. Fearless and blessed.
We are women in our power. Our own destinies.
I am you and you are me.

They are suitable for all wall types and no more drilling as there’s either a magnetic hanger or a sticky pad, which also means they can be easily rearranged!!!! Each print comes printed in gloss format on 5mm thick forex, which is a lightweight material that is extremely strong and durable as well as scratch resistant and non-discolouring!


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