“Inspiration” is an exhibition by world renowned artist Kat Shaw. Kat prides herself on breaking through the stereotypical views of beauty that have been cast upon society by the media, having made her name painting the glorious reality that is a woman’s body.

Her nude studies of real women garnered unprecedented popularity within only a few short months, as women were crying out for themselves to be portrayed in art, rather than the airbrushed images of the perfection of the female form that are so rife in today’s culture.

Kat has been passionately pursuing her mission of world domination for 4 years by empowering as many women as possible to reach their fullest potential, embracing their bodies and loving themselves wholeheartedly. She has painted over 1000 women and this last collection sees 77 gorgeous Goddesses painted and collaged with inspirational, empowering and uplifting words.