On 20th November 2022, Kat Shaw held her empowering and uplifting exhibition “Inspiration”. Having been her first in-person exhibition since lockdown, it was much anticipated and did not disappoint!

Kat has created in this collection, a selection of 77 gorgeous Goddesses, painted and collaged with inspirational, empowering and uplifting words. All the women who participated submitted photos for the project, and it was lovely to see so many of them at the exhibition, viewing their glorious bodies as works of art!

In this exhibition, Kay aimed to create a tranquil and relaxing space, holding you like a womb as you entered, feeling safe and held. The draping fabric and undulating flowers added to the serenity of the atmosphere and the ceremonial sacred space meant that women were able to sit and view the art, reflecting on their own bodies and seeing themselves as Divine Goddesses. The focal point was the ceremonial water feature – a beloved bowl of Kat’s that was a wedding present of her Great nan and grandad from 1916 (you will see a photo of them on their wedding day when they received the washing bowl.) Kat also still has the jug that accompanies it and loves to weave her ancestral lines into her current sacred work. Women were invited to light candles and reflect on the love they have for themselves as well as receiving blessings and a space to be seen.