Sacred Rage

Unleashing Sacred Rage – blog by The Highland Feminist

For years, women have been repressed within society.
Taught to hide and internalise our anger.
To be demure and passive.
To bow down to the patriarchy that keeps us “less than”.
Always a prisoner of inequality.
We are told not to step out of line.
Brainwashed that our voices must be hidden.
Stay silent.
Put up and shut up.
A woman should know her place.
But the time has come.
We are rising.
And we are furious.
We stand together.
In solidarity.
In sisterhood.
We will not be silenced anymore.
And we will not be stopped.
We are finding our power.
We are stepping out of the shadows.
We are taking up the space we deserve.
Equality is our birth right.
As we release all that has tried to stop us.
As we take the broken parts to build our new path.
We are the revolution.
The activism seeps out of our voices now.
We shout.
We scream.
We rage.
We howl under the moon.
We are rewriting the story.
Shifting the paradigm.
Igniting our fires.
Our Divine Feminine rage has been embodied within our nakedness.
And we will not be silenced anymore.

Sacred Rage Videos

Sacred Rage Fingers Up Video

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