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Defunct Sacred Rage

Unleashing Sacred Rage – blog by The Highland Feminist SACRED RAGE 2023 For years, women have been repressed within society. Taught to hide and internalise our anger. To be demure and passive. To bow down to the patriarchy that keeps us “less than”. Always a prisoner of inequality. We are told not to step out […]

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On 20th November 2022, Kat Shaw held her empowering and uplifting exhibition “Inspiration”. Having been her first in-person exhibition since lockdown, it was much anticipated and did not disappoint! Kat has created in this collection, a selection of 77 gorgeous Goddesses, painted and collaged with inspirational, empowering and uplifting words. All the women who participated

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Rankin Exhibition

The Unseen

The worldwide Renowned photographer Rankin was lucky enough to showcase a painting from Kat Shaw Artist in his curated exhibition “The Unseen.” The Unseen, in conjunction with Quantus gallery was an exhibition to re-platform those who have been unfairly censored for their art work. It bought together artists whose voices had been and are still

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I am SHE

I am SHE Exhibition about self-love and empowerment.Being real… and being enough How many of you hide away? Cover up? Dim your shine?Forget to love yourself?How many of you lack self-belief and confidence? Shrink behind the views of others? How many of you have lost yourself? Forgotten your purpose? Live your life confined within perceptions

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And Still I rise An inspirational art exhibition by Kat Shaw. 85 women, 1 artist. We will not let the past define our lives.  We will show the world that surviving can be beautiful.  We are here, living, despite it all.  We will always rise, and we will do so with strength and dignity.  We

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